Hillary Chybinski: highlights. . .

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

highlights. . .

. . .that's about all I can manage these days.

i have 4 more weeks of pregnancy to go - honestly, my advice is doit when you're young!

ryan is doing incredibly well in kindergarten. he read his first two books to us last night and tonight. i get no greater pleasure, then seeing him sit on his daddy's lap and read a book to him. we are so proud of him, and he is so proud of himself - which is wonderful.

not sure if i have a cold - or allergies - and the whopping 3 hours of sleep i got last night is not much help.

work is crazy but in a good way - trying to tie up loose ends before the baby arrives.

having lunch with 2 high school girlfriends on monday - looking forward to that.

that's my life - in a nutshell.

catch you soon -

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