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Friday, August 04, 2006

so much happening. . .

. . . have you seen this?

(NOT the wrinkled pants)

29 weeks and counting - we are no where near ready for owen's arrival - with the heat, we haven't done a thing around the house. but have no fear, we will get there.

and on aug 30th, ryan has his practice bus run for kindergarten. . .yikes!

such a huge milestone - he's leaving babyhood behind once and for all. . .real school. he seems excited - we are waiting for a camo backpack and some cool new shoes to arrive from lands end. john and i are planning to take him on a pants trip to the gap - it takes two of us, so that one person can run around and get different styles and sizes until we find something that fits his long legs and skinny waist - without dragging him out of the dressing room.

so - all and all it's been a little crazy around here, and i haven't been feeling my best with the heat.

if it wasn't for john, i'd never mnake it. he never complains about having take out again, or making dinner himself - he does all the yard work, takes care of the laundry (I fold), the trash, and does half of everything else. all without much complaint - he's amazing - I have no idea where my life would be without him - and i don't ever want to find out.

so - keep cool and have a great weekend.

catch you soon -

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  1. ohh, you are almost ready to pop, lol, cute photo, stay away from the heat!