Hillary Chybinski: the big yellow bus. . .

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

the big yellow bus. . .

. . .today was our district's kindergarten practice bus run. . .

we went to the bus stop

waited for the bus

and ryan got on, waved and rode away. . .without his mom. . .so brave and so excited. his blue eyes were sparkling with the excitement of a new adventure.

the bus drove them to school. . .where they got out, were greeted by their parents and their teacher, and went in to see the classrooms. ryan met the principal today - she made a point of walking around the cafeteria and saying hello to all the children.

we got to go into ryan's kindergarten classroom, find his seat, see where his cubby is, use the bathroom, and play with some of the toys. what a fantastic day.

kindergarten - wow -

catch you soon -

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