Hillary Chybinski: first LO in my new space. . .

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

first LO in my new space. . .

. . .for my donna d class. . .a LO on a favorite color.

according to donna's handout, if pink is your favorite color, you are interested in the world around you, but do not throw yourself into participating with the ardor of the red person. pinks have energy, but not the kind that drains everyone around them. violence in any form upsets you. if you love pink, you are talented and have a subdued drive, charm and warmth, and are probably an incurable candles-on-the-table kind of romantic. pink people are friendly, but tend to keep their inner feelings hidden from the people they do not know intimately.


catch you soon -

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  1. What a riot -- my "pink" LO is finished -- I need to snap a pix and blog it!