Hillary Chybinski: 28 weeks. . .

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

28 weeks. . .

. . .that's how pregnant we are now.

the dreaded third trimester. . .i have to say, being pregnant at 38 seems like a whole new ball of wax compared to being pregnant at 32. my ankles and feet are not as big as they were the first time, but i am so much more uncomfortable and tired. oh yeah, and the indigestion is worse too.

the baby is really moving around in there. . .usually at work in the middle of a meeting - completely distracting me from what i'm trying to do. ryan loves to feel the baby move. i think he is already attached to the baby - which is kinda cool to watch.

in 12 weeks (or there abouts) it will be me and the boys - john, ryan and owen. can't wait!

catch you soon -

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