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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

it's a smallworld. . .

. . .that is the apparent theme of preschool graduation.

yepper - that's right folks - ryan is going to graduate from preschool on june 28th.

in the meantime, we are busy singing our songs and reciting our poems - i hope he actually performs them at the ceremony.

i'm not sure i can make it through the graduation - my little baby - all growed up and getting ready for kindergarten.

as this new little boy kicks inside my tummy, i'm constantly reminded of how it felt to carry ryan. how he was the focus of my entire life for the 9 months we were inseperable, and the 5 years of insperablness following his birth. soon there will be another little boy in the house - i'm curious how it will change us - how it will impact our family dynamic.

only time will tell - but i'm confident there is enough love to go around and many wonderful times to come.

catch you soon -

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