Hillary Chybinski: yes, that is an autographed croc. . .

Sunday, May 07, 2006

yes, that is an autographed croc. . .

. . .that donna downey is one wild girl!

to celebrate that well-known holiday, National Scrapbook Day, the Scrapford wives went to the QVC event. this year, we brought along a couple of friends, and we had a wonderful time.

lisa bearnson spent a lot of time near our table at the workshop and mentined us on air, during the show. we got to sit int he 2nd row and were on tv a few times. kelly even got to give a testimonial - for the xyron cheeta (gotta get me one of those!)

stacy croninger from Paper Crafts mag was there too. in her workshop we made an adorable happy birthday card.

donna's workshop rocked - as usual. she helped us get started on the most amazing gratitude journal.

i am always so inpsired by these events - they break me out of my mold and help me look at my hobby in a new and fresh light.

ps - click on carla's link to the right to see a picture of us in the studio!

happy scrappin -
catch you soon -

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