Hillary Chybinski: floam. . .

Monday, March 06, 2006

floam. . .

. . .have you seen this stuff?

it's advertised on tv - children's stations of course.

it appears to be those tiny annoying styrofoam
beads and some sort of mystery goo.

ryan convinced john that he needed a tub of it from
bed bath and beyond yesterday on our journey for
a new toaster over (another entire post-worhty

today, i figured that we needed something to floam
onto. . .i had a lightbulb moment - we will get those
balsa wood cut-outs from the craft store. so off to
a c moore we went. where ryan convinced me he needed
purple floam, in addition to the 8 shapes we picked out.

here are our masterpieces. . .not as bad as i thought. . .
but not as cool as it looks on tv. . .but then, is anything?

catch you soon -

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