Hillary Chybinski: do you qvc?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

do you qvc?

. . .i am watching the creating keepsakes hour on qvc

i don't understand what type of mind-control they shoot out. . .

i find myself sitting here, thinking: "hey, that's a good price. . .seems like a good product. i should get it. it's going to sell out, i should get is NOW. wow, 17564 people have already bought it - what am i missing???"


i have to disclose, i have only ever bought scrapbook stuff - and never been disappointed. the quality is very high and the price is very good. actually, one time i bought make up. that was a good purchase too.

i still don't get how it works. how they convince you to call right now and order whatever they are selling.

brilliant -

catch you soon -

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  1. i'm a qvc fan, i know what you mean i bought the american craft ribbon, i had to have it, it always sell out fast