Hillary Chybinski: wow what a program!

Friday, February 24, 2006

wow what a program!

. . .i am constantly amazed how ryan's preschool puts on these programs so successfully. they are truly wonderful because every child has the opportunity to participate, if they want to. (even the babies). the kids with special needs participate just as much as the typically developed kids. the babies sang a song and shook rattles, the toddlers read a heartwarming story. . .and the older kids did various songs and dances. they were one cuter than the next. almost everyone tried on some african garb, and learned a little about the heritage and history. i'm not sure how much of it they truly understand - but the exposure is priceless.

needless to say, ryan hammed it up and was cute as can be. he had a terrific time, and his class got rainbow sherbert for cooperating.

catch you soon -

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