Hillary Chybinski: i think i'm sick. . .

Friday, February 24, 2006

i think i'm sick. . .

. . .not a sick-o - just sick.

as in
a cold.

i've been telling myself all day that i was NOT in fact sick. even now, i'm trying to deny it.

the stuffy nose, crap hanging down the back of my throat, and general achyness is making denial difficult.

i LOVE denial - it's really where i'm happiest.

i think i learned it from my mom - even though she's great in a crisis.

if you think it - it can be reality

or at least your version of denied reality.

so - I am NOT sick.

catch you soon -

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  1. i hope you feel better! followed the link from your post about my gushing over Donna D site...and i love your blog! i must start one...anyway, scrolled down and saw you had crocks...are they great...i must say, i am considering getting them just because the scrap book greats have them...how awful is that:) thanks for understanding my donna thing--aimee-got paper? on creating keepsakes site