Hillary Chybinski: happy birthday daddy!

Friday, November 04, 2005

happy birthday daddy!

. . .this is my dad. it's his birthday today.

there are a lot of things i could tell my dad - about how much i love him and what a wonderful dad he is. he may not have been my dad for the first 8 years of my life - but he has more than made up for it duing the last 30! we are so blessed that he came into our lives and made it even better than it already was.

he taught me how to ride a two-wheeler bike
he taught me to drive a car
he walked me down the asile on my wedding day
he drove my family home from the hospital after our son was born

he's honest, and kind, and loving. he has made my mom so very happy and me too!

i love you daddy - happy birthday.

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  1. I'm all faklemped! I'm in my office and I have tears in my eyes. Way to go Hill...