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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


. . .when did this art transformation take place?

last time I checked, Ryan was still drawing scribble-scrabbles. today I look, and he made these great pictures for his dad.

I have a hard time with creativity. . .I always want to color the picture so that it looks lifelike. . .no, barbie cannot have purple hair, even if that is the only crayon in the box. . . a halloween costume has to be as good as the real thing. . .it's a little stiffling.

perhaps it has something to do with me being an accountant by trade. . .but I yearn to be more creative. . .to think and act "outside the box". . .to paint barbie's hair blue, the moon green, and my kitty yellow. . . I want that for my son too. I want him to feel free to express his creativity and not worry about the "realistic"-ness of it.

to be happy with the things he creates. . .especially if they bring to joy to someone else (like me!). . .i supposse that's one reason I am enjoying this scrapbooking hobby/obsession. . .it's a creative outlet for me. . .a chance to paint barbie's hair orange (as long as I use my Bazzill color wheel to find a coordinating color)

catch you soon -

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