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Thursday, August 18, 2005

thoughts from the day. . .

. . .so, this is my favorite picture EVER of my son. hard to believe he will be 5 in a month.

i read this quote today on Ali Edward's blog. apparently it is from a Starbuck's coffee cup. . .

Embrace this right now life……take your bites with bravery and boldness since the learning and the growing are here in these times, these exact right nows. Capture these times. Hold and kiss them because it will soon be very different.
-Jill Scott

seems to go with my favorite picture. i worry sometimes that life is rushing by and that i'm not taking enough time to just enjoy it. to just "be". . .whatever that means. i'm usually consumed with thoughts of what i should be doing. . .laundry, making lunch, picking up toys, cleaning up cat fur, contacting the financial planner, making birthday invitiations. . .YIKES - I better quit fooling around on this blog and get busy. . .

catch you soon -


  1. That picture is adorable - makes me want to kiss him to pieces!

  2. Where did you find A.E.'s blog?