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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Scrapbook Divas game of Tag. . .

. . .so, the women of scrapbooking whose blogs I lurk in (Ali Edwards, Donna Downey, Cathy Zielske and Tara Whitney), were playing a cool game of virtual tag. when tagged, you are supposed to blog 5 random things about yourself.

now, if i were to sit here and wait to actually be tagged by one of them, i would grow old before your eyes. so i "lifted" the game and shared it with my friend Carla (who i tagged!)

here are mine:

1. i love to sing in the car - loudly. occasionally accompanied by dance moves.

2. i have issues with sweat. there are some horrific memories i keep stuffed deep down inside me. . .trying to sweat their way out. . .

3. i'm nosy. i like to watch people - see what they are up to and is their life like mine. when i look at other's peoples' scrapbooks, i'm looking at more than the people in the pictures.

4. i have a strong belief in "doing the right thing". for instance, right now my neighbor is using my driveway to move things into his house. he didn't ask - that's wrong.

5. if given the opportunity i would spend an entire day (and have - prior to children) reading a book. . .in my pj's. . .showerless. . .hair uncombed. . .bliss

wow - bet you were sitting on the edge of your chair. . .

catch you soon -

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