Hillary Chybinski: ahhhh. . .creativity. . . .

Friday, August 26, 2005

ahhhh. . .creativity. . . .

. . .I was so excited today. i got all of Ryan's artwork home from preschool today. my favorite is the firefighter picture. . .the snowflake that he cut out (three large white rectangles) and glued to blue paper is a hoot! there was such a great variety, that i spread them all out on the diningroom table and snapped a few pics. now the artwork is all piled up ready to hit the portfolio for the year.

i have no idea what i will do with all this artwork when he is 17. . .my mom still has a bunch of stuff that i made when i was little. my favorite is my "book about me", where i drew two left hands (being right-handed, it makes PERFECT sense)

looking at chilrens' artwork, reminds me to not be such a perfectionist - that it's really okay, just to do your best, and create something you love. . .that's what i'm hoping this blog will help me do - get a littel less linear and little more creative.

(shhhh - don't tell anyone, but secretly, I'd like to be "artsy")

catch you soon -

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