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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Deeper meaning

. . .I read CZ's blog today, and she talked about her scrapping style, and how she isn't an "events girl". I read it twice, because I probably am an "events girl". I seem to scrap events in my life - Halloween, my son's first Phillies game, the 4th of July parade, etc. Then I worry that my pages don't hold enough "meaning". . .that they aren't . . .deep.

They are happy little pages with decent enough pictures, journaling of the facts, and perhaps a few reflections of mine. Is that enough?? When my son is 35, will he care? When I am 75 will I remember all the intricate details I want to remember? I scrap because it is a wonderful creative outlet for me. . .I cannot sew, I cannot draw, I cannot paint, I cannot sing (although I certainly love to pretend I can!!) But I can put together a pretty decent scrapbook page, that reflects a fun event my family has shared. I love the release of creating that layout, picking the paper, arranging the photos, selecting embellishments and putting it all together.

Only about 36 hours until the CK Convention. . .no pressure. . .

catch you soon -

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