Hillary Chybinski: Easy Family Meal Plan 2018 - Week 1

Monday, January 01, 2018

Easy Family Meal Plan 2018 - Week 1

Weekly Meal Plan Ideas sharing real food for real families. Save time and money by planning easy menus for your family.

Happy New Year! If you are a returning weekly meal plan fan, welcome back. If you are new here, perhaps trying to cultivate a new habit for the new year, welcome and I hope you find some inspiration!

Whether you are a new visitor or a faithful reader, I am so glad you're here. I hope you and your family had a lovely holiday. I have to say, I feel as if this was one of our best yet. I am feeling inspired and hopeful for the year ahead. So let's do this - okay?

For any new readers, I keep my meal planning pretty simple. I have two picky eaters, and with schedules, we rarely sit down all together during the week for dinner. (gasp!)  If you were looking for the picture perfect process, you should probably keep searching - LOL. BUT, I do plan 3-4 "real meals" each week, that everyone will at least eat a portion of.

How do I do that? Well, I keep is simple. I use the freebie magazine that my local grocery store provides, Pinterest and my pantry to create my plan. I pay attention to the weather and our schedule, and then add any ingredients we need to my list.  I typically shop over the weekend, with a quick run to Trader Joe's for meats and and produce during the week, after work. 

One of my goals for the new year is to get more input from my family. I have tried EVERYTHING, but they leave it firmly in my court, and if we're honest, I'm a little over being responsible for it all. They don't complain, but I would be happier with a little less responsibility in this area of housekeeping. My process is not fool-proof or perfect, but for the most part, it prevents us from ordering pizza or eating cereal most nights. With that in mind, here's what we have planned for this week:

Monday - Chili with Cornbread
Tuesday - Greek Frittata with Crusty Bread
Wednesday - Homemade Chicken Fingers with Rice or Pasta Side
Thursday - Baked Pork Chops with Cheesy Potatoes
Friday -Pizza Night
Saturday - Leftover Buffet / YOYO (You're On Your Own)
Sunday -Family Dinner Out

What do you have planned for dinner this week? Share your ideas here in the comments, or join us over on Facebook, to talk all things meal planning!

catch you soon -
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  1. Oh I need to check out that Greek Fritata. Sounds yummy!