Hillary Chybinski: Weekly Family Meal Plan 2017 - Week 6

Monday, February 06, 2017

Weekly Family Meal Plan 2017 - Week 6

Weekly Meal Plan Ideas sharing real food for real families. Save time and money by planning easy menus for your family.

The Monday after the Big Game should be a National Holiday, am I right? There's nothing like a big weekend event to throw off your meal planning game. But we have to get organized, persevere and  do our best to get a plan together for the week ahead.

Confession time, I had a rough plan in my head, but didn't really "formalize" it until Monday morning at about 6:45 am. And that's OK. I keep telling you it doesn't have to be hard, you just have to take a few minutes and do it. Once you get in a routine, it becomes second nature. At 6:45 this morning, I ran through what I have on-hand to make this week. We may not follow my plan exactly, but the key is that we can, because we have everything we need.
So if you had too much football fun this weekend and didn't get your own meal plan together, don't worry. Have any leftovers that can be turned into a meal? Start there. Next, look in your freezer for something to make. You've already got two things planned, you're doing great!  Here's what we have planned for this week:

Monday - Sheet Pan Meal: Chicken, Brussel Sprouts and Butternut Squash
Tuesday - Homemade Chicken Fingers, Fruit Kabobs
Wednesday - Roast Pork Tenderloin, Carrots and Potatoes
Thursday - Shrimp Scampi with Crusty Bread and Salad
Friday - Pizza Night - Homemade Pizza
Saturday - YOYO (You're On Your Own)
Sunday -Family Dinner Out

What do you have planned for dinner this week? Share your ideas here in the comments, or join us over on Facebook, to talk all things meal planning!

Weekly Meal Plan - Real Food for Real Families

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