Hillary Chybinski: Meal Planning 2016 - Week 35

Monday, August 29, 2016

Meal Planning 2016 - Week 35

Weekly Meal Plan - Real Food for Real Families

Hi there everyone! Who has their weekly meal plan all done for this week? If not, you're in the right place for some ideas and inspiration to help get you started. It doesn't have to be complicated - simply pick 3 to 5 recipes or ideas to get you started. It is our last week of summer vacation around here, and my husband is working on a big project at work, so most nights this week, it will be just me and the kids home for dinner.

But I know from past experience that it still helps to have a meal plan in place, even if we only loosely follow it, or change things up. I have all of my pantry items on-hand, and today I'll make a quick trip for meat and produce to round out our supplies and ingredients.  Meal planning each week helps me limit the number of trips I make to the store, and that's a definite benefit for me. 

Weekly Meal Plan Ideas sharing real food for real families. Save time and money by planning easy menus for your family.

Here's what's for dinner at our house this week:

Monday - Modified Chicken Parm (Chicken tenders with diced tomatoes and Mozzarella), Garlic Knots and Salad
Tuesday - Taco Tuesday with Guacamole and Corn
Wednesday - Baked Ham, Peas and Mashed Potatoes
Thursday - Spaghetti Nests with Meatballs
Friday - Homemade Pizza Night
Saturday - Leftover Buffet/YOYO (You're On Your Own)
Sunday - Since it's a Holiday weekend, Family Dinner Out

What's for dinner at your house this week? Leave me a comment and let me know something great you're making this week - or better yet, join us over on Facebook to talk all things meal planning. Let's hare our best ideas and inspirations and feel free to drop a link for your own meal to help inspire us.

Menu Plan Monday Weekly Meal Plan

catch you soon -
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