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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wardrobe Staple: A Demin Shirt

Welcome back for What I Wore. If this is your first visit, this is a weekly fashion post where I share real clothes for real women (along with what I wore). We talk about styling what you already have in your closet, and updating some of your favorite pieces for new and exciting looks. This week we are discussing a classic piece. . .the denim shirt.

Wardrobe Staple: A Denim Shirt
Back in the 80s I had my first denim shirt. It had 2 patch pockets was really too thick to tuck into my jeans and sort of "hung" off the edge of my chest (can you picture a stiff shirt and a large chest?) But it was stylish, so I wore it.

These days, denim shirts come in a wide variety of styles and fabrics. You can still find the thicker classic western cut, but there are a ton of modern thinner denim shirts on the market. Recently, I got an email for a big sale at Ann Taylor - one of my favorites for classic pieces. So I started perusing their options for shirts - two of mine had recently become too snug across the chest and had to go.

They had what looked like the prefect one! Confession time - I am more of an in-person shopper. I like to touch it and see how it drapes. I like to see how a piece of clothing is going to fit - boxy, fitted, etc. You can't always tell that from Photoshopped images and online descriptions. Since it was 40% off, I figured I'd try it.

It fits great, although a little long in the sleeve. I love the weight - thin enough to tuck without being too thin. The color is a bit lighter than I thought it looked online, but it will do for the looks I have in mind.
Denim Shirt styled with Skinny Jeans
Denim Shirt - Ann Taylor (current season)
Jeans - Ann Taylor Modern Skinny Jeans (currently available)
Boots - Clarks
Necklace - Premiere Designs

To meet a friend for lunch on a cold day, I added a sweater and changed boots for this look:

Denim Shirt styled with a Sweater and Skinny Jeans
Denim Shirt - Ann Taylor (Current Season)
Jeans - Ann Taylor Modern Skinny Jean (currently available)
Sweater - Ann Taylor (old but similar style available now)
Boots - Aerosoles
Necklace - Premiere Designs
Earrings - Kate Spade

Both of these looks would be great with a backpack or a nice tote along with a scarf. I have a million ideas for adding this to outfits I already have in my closet.

Do you have a denim shirt in your wardrobe? How would you style it?

catch you soon -
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  1. You're adorable as always. Love the striped sweater over it.