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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Styling a Denim Skirt | What I Wore

Are denim skirts still in style? I have a couple (one pencil and 2 a-lines) that I hold onto and wear periodically. A simple denim skirt can be a wardrobe staple and is almost always in fashion. The key to it's longevity are simple lines and classic shapes. Otherwise it becomes trendy and fades out of style.

A quick Google search brings up denim pencil skirts available at J Crew, H & M and Old Navy, so I think I'm safe in it being currently fashionable. My inspiration came from passing another mom on my daily walk. She was loading up the car and had on a simple denim skirt, leggings and some sort of top. She looked casual and stylish, so it got my fashion radar spinning. . .what did I have in my closet?

I came home, showered and threw an outfit together. Let me preface by saying that booties and a skirt are not my look. In most cases, I think a vast majority of women do not have the correct proportions to carry this look off gracefully (myself included). What balanced them out for me, was the boot socks. (it's hard to see the contrast, the day was very overcast)

Styling a Denim Skirt - MidLife Mom Style | My Scraps

Ok, boot socks are another issue I struggle with. I love the look, but my boots are too tight around the calf to fit a pair of bulky socks in there. Also, being curvy, I try not to add bulk. But since I had on tights, and they were looser ankle boots, they worked.

Boot Socks and Ankel Boots | MidLife Mom Style

This is not a typical "me" outfit. I stretched my imagination and daring with this one, but I like the way it turned out. I got several compliments and I also think it was age-appropriate, well still having a little kick and being fun.

Styling a Denim Skirt - MidLife Mom Style | My Scraps

Skirt - OLD from Lord and Taylor
T-shirt - Fall Collection from Ann Taylor
Cardigan - Fall Cashmere Collection from Lord and Taylor
Tights - Spanx, Footless Tightend Tights (my favorite!!)
Socks - Target
Boots - Aerosoles
Necklace - Ann Taylor
Bag - Kate Spade

Do you have a denim skirt? When was the last time you wore it?

catch you soon -

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  1. I love the look! I love the boot socks with your ankle boots! Perfect for fall!

  2. Looks great!! I love how you added the pop of pink too!!