Hillary Chybinski: When Function Meets Fashion - My #SoleStory

Friday, June 13, 2014

When Function Meets Fashion - My #SoleStory

Comfortable Chic that is also good for you? Seems impossible right? But it isn't . . .pretty shoes can be good for your feet. Let me share my #SoleStory with you:

My Scraps | Vionic Orthoheel Technology

I recently received a pair of Bella Sandals from Vionic Shoes to try out. If you haven't heard of Vionic Shoes before, they are built with Orthoheel Technology. "What is Orthoheel Technology," you ask? It's innovative, scientifically proven orthotic technology built directly into stylish, premium footwear.

Now let me start by saying that I am already a fan of Vionic. They kindly sent me a pair of walking shoes to try out as part of my Healthy Living Journey this year, and I was hooked. My entire body feels better when I wear those shoes for my daily walks.

Vionic shoes come in all sorts of styles - for both men and women. The Bella flip-flop, has become my go-to summer shoe. I build my outfits around wearing that pair of shoes.  The website called the color "red" but I would say it's more coral - perfect for summer style!

I also want to warn you that the thong part hurt my foot the first 2 times I wore them. Not enough to make me want to toss them off, but I noticed and worried. . .needlessly because they fit like a glove and I can wear them all day, several days in a row with no discomfort at all. And I do exactly that!

I am not a person with foot issues (thank heavens) but why chance it - right? I wear plenty of shoes that are perfectly fine - but aren't doing anything good for my body. These shoes help to keep my feet properly supporting my body, which can only be a good thing - right?

What are your favorite pair of shoes right now?

catch you soon -

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