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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wearing White Shorts | What I Wore - #OOTD

Let's talk about shorts. Specifically, white shorts. White shorts can be a great basic piece to round out your summer wardrobe. They go with just about everything you already own.

My Scraps | Styled White Shorts for Mid-Life Women

I like to keep my shorts styling simple. I am not a fan of heels and shorts - although a younger, taller woman can carry it off. Shorts are meant to be casual, they really shouldn't be part of a suit in the real world.

So when the temps started going up, I broke out my favorite pair of Lands End white shorts. I wanted an outfit that looked a little more pulled together than a t-shirt and flip flops. There's something very classic about simple longer shorts and a crisp tunic. Paired with pretty sandals and a great bag - you're ready for almost any afternoon outing - shopping, lunch, traveling. This is also a great outfit for a dressier picnic or patio party.

My Scraps | Mid-Life Mom Style - White Shorts

Shorts - Lands End
Tunic - Talbots
Sandals - Kellie and Katie
Necklace - Ralph Lauren
Handbag - Kate Spade (pictured below)

A great pair of white Bermuda Shorts or Demin shorts look perfect with a t-shirt. Think a boat-neck french t-shirt or pair them with a fitted t-shirt, backpack, Vans or flip flops and you're ready for the amusement park, boardwalk or baseball game.

When you wear shorter shorts, I think you have to consider proportion. They can look "cheap" or looks as if you are dressing much younger than your age, if not paired with a great top and shoes, like the sleeveless chambray shirt and neutral sandals combination above.

Like so many other clothing choices, it's really about fit and proportion. Just because you "can" wear something - doesn't mean you should. But enough lectures - these posts are meant to inspire - let's share ideas to take great stuff out of our closets, put it on in fun new ways and show it off!

My Scraps | Mid-Life Mom Style - White Shorts

What are your thoughts on shorts?

catch you soon -
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