Hillary Chybinski: Easy Valentine's Day Centerpiece

Friday, January 24, 2014

Easy Valentine's Day Centerpiece

How-To Make an Easy Valentine's Day Centerpiece

Each year for Valentine's Day, I set a special table for the kids the night before. I don't put a lot of other decorations up around the house (I do admit to having a heart-filled shower curtain), but I like to surprise them with a festive tablescape on Valentine's Day morning.

This year, while perusing Pinterest for Valentine's Day ideas, I got a flash to combine three of my current favorite things: milk bottles, washi tape and conversation hearts.

I pulled out a plain white serving dish I picked up at Target and set to work to create an easy, fun and festive centerpiece.

Supplies to make an Easy Valentine's Day Centerpiece: milk bottles, conversation hearts and washi tape

What you need:
  • Milk Bottles, small glass bottles or vases (I picked these up in the Target Dollar Spot)
  • Serving Dish (again, picked up at Target)
  • Festive Washi Tape (this was also from Target, but you could use plain pink and red)
  • 1 Bag of Conversation  Hearts (yes - Target)

What you do:

Decide on a pattern for your washi tape and adhere it to your bottles. I used scissors to make a rounded edge.

adhereing washi tape to milk bottle

Line up your bottles on your serving tray.

milk bottles decorated with washi

Sprinkle conversation hearts on the tray all around the bottles (don't eat too many).

And that's it. In about a half-hour I had a fun and festive, easy-to-make Valentine's Day Centerpiece. If you didn't want to leave the hearts out, you could just put them out on Valentine's Day. Foil-wrapped chocolate hearts and kisses would look adorable too.

catch you soon -


  1. This is ADORABLE!! I usually throw conversation hearts in a vase with a candle and call it a day... but I LOVE this version and it's something ever a borderline crafty person such as myself can handle!!

  2. So easy that even I can do this one!

  3. I love those little candy hearts, but not to eat. I never thought to use them as filler.

  4. My girls will be all over this! They are all Washi tape all the time!