Hillary Chybinski: What I Wore - Green Jeans for a Penny

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

What I Wore - Green Jeans for a Penny

Styling Green Jeans | Mid-Life Mom Fashion

I have been wanting a pair of green jeans since spring. I found a "too dark" pair, a "too short" pair and a "too minty" pair. But I didn't find what I wanted. Kelly Green Straight Jeans.

Then, a fashion miracle happened. You know when you take a detour through a store. . .completely unintended, just to see what they have? That's what I did in Bloomingdales. As I rounded the rack in the Ralph Lauren section, there they were.

The perfect Kelly Green Straight Jeans.

AND - they were my size! Get.Out.Of.Town. This stuff just doesn't happen to me. I checked the price tag, originally $100, on sale for $45 . . .ok not bad, I was trying them on.

I debated in the dressing room - were they "good" enough for $45? I started mentally going through my closet for things to wear with them. Ok, they were going home with me.

I took them to the counter, where the loveliest sales associate informed me of an upcoming sale where I could get another 20% off. She offered to look up the new sale price for me, and I agreed. A strange look came over her face, and she said:
"Actually, I can sell these jeans to you today. . .for a penny."
A PENNY??! Yes indeed. . .a penny. Apparently, they were not supposed to be on the rack - so Bloomingdale's error was my best fashion bargain EVER - saving $99.99.

The calendar may look like Fall, but our weather still says summer, so I styled them up on the first not- sweltering day we had.
Styling Green Jeans | Mid-Life Mom Fashion

Jeans - Ralph Lauren
T-shirt - Lands End
Shoes - Target

I styled them up with stacks of silver bracelets, a silver link necklace, silver hoops and my favorite Kate Spade bag to complete my look.

I felt trendy, while keeping to the classic styles and lines that I prefer. Dressing after 40 can be tricky business, and staying closer to classic and further from trendy is usually a better a choice, but throwing in a trendy piece, especially for the right price, is a great way to spruce up your wardrobe.

catch you soon -
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  1. A penny! You are one lucky duck, especially, since they fit and were the perfect color. The outfit looks nice.

  2. LOVE those jeans, that color looks great on you!

  3. That's the BEST deal I've ever heard of! Congrats! And they look great on you