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Monday, February 18, 2013

If I Were President. . .

Photo courtesy of Dresden from www.creatingmotherhood.com

Madam President. . .

My friend Jessica over at Found the Marbles, had an idea for a great link up today in honor of President's Day:
"If YOU were President, what laws would you pass?"
How many times do you say, "there ought to be a law. . ." only to remember that there IS in fact a law. . .like using your turn signal - come on people - EVERY car comes with them - STANDARD.

But sometimes, there isn't a law, and there really should be. So for a minute, let's imagine I had Super Powers to pass laws with no regard for the House or Senate. . .what would I pass you ask?

There Ought To Be A Law - When the sign says, "10 items or less" it MEANS 10 items or LESS.

There Ought To Be A Law - No Uggs with shorts.

There Ought To Be A Law - You can only use ONE parking space per vehicle (hmm that might already BE a law - hard to tell some days)

There Ought To Be A Law - Clipping your nails and other personal grooming habits should ONLY happen in private places - not on say, a train.

There Ought To Be A Law - No Line Cutting - wait your turn like everyone else. This law should apply to ANY line - people, cars, etc.

There Ought To Be A Law - Everyone should get to go to Disney at least once.

So tell me readers, if YOU had super Presidential Powers - what laws would YOU make?

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  1. Love the one about No Uggs with Shorts!

  2. Great list! I AGREE with all. Let's run the world or at least the United States.

  3. OH I love this! I wish I'd seen this earlier. I agree with your laws, from the parking spots (grrr to the person who parked half in my parking spot while we were at gymnastics today) to the fingernail clipping (at work in the office is GROSS). Sadly, most of my pet peeves are already laws. People just don't follow them. Like... you have to shovel your sidewalk. And you can't shovel your driveway into the street. Laws. Reminded in our village newsletter annually. And yet people still ignore it. Sigh.

  4. If I saw someone clipping their nails in public, I might make a citizens arrest. Of course you know I'd love the Disney law!