Hillary Chybinski: Review: LeapFrog Tag Human Body Discovery Pack

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Review: LeapFrog Tag Human Body Discovery Pack

Thank you to LeapFrog for sponsoring this review.  For more information about the LeapFrog Tag Human Body Discovery Pack, please visit their website #LeapFrogTag #spon

My kids have a fascination with history and science.  They love knowing why things happened (like The American Revolution) and how they happen (how do Volcanoes erupt).  Needless to say, I don't have a lot of answers at my fingertips, and I am fond of saying, "let's look it up"!

So I was curious what Owen would think of the LeapFrog Tag Human Body Discovery Pack we received for review.  We opened it up together, and explored the pieces.  He said, "Mom, it's more than just a book!", with a smile on his face.  There is a growth chart to hang up on  the wall, interactive stickers and a fold-out hard book.

I love how the book starts off talking about how everyone is different on the outside, but inside our bodies, we are very similar.  Your child can take on a "nickname" for exploration. . .there's Muscle Master, Super Scientist, Doctor Bones or Gooey Guts.

Owen was fascinated with the pictures of each body part, and listening about them.  Some of it was a little "advanced" so we looked at it together. . .is it wrong to admit I learned a thing or too?

I love the making healthy choices game.  He was having so much fun and not realizing at all that he was acutally learning.  And knowing his memory, he'll be bringing some of these great facts to kindergarten with him next month!

The recommended ages on the box are 4-8 years.  I can say my 11 year old took a peek at it too and enjoyed it as well.  It's a great learning tool that is easy to take along and offers many fun activities to keep your kids entertained while they learn.  We are off to hang the growth chart up right now. . .

And if you've ever wondered what happens behind the scenes to put something like this together, check out this little video:

catch you soon -

note - I was selected for this opportunity as a compensated member of Clever Girls Collective and received free product from LeapFrog to review. The content and opinions expressed here are all my own. #LeapFrogTag #spon


  1. We LOVE our Tag system and have particularly been enjoying the non-fiction additions to the line. Looking forward to checking this one out with the kids. Thanks for the review!

  2. Cara--our kindergartne--is crazy about all things anatomy right now. I bet she'd love this.

  3. My daughter is too old for Leap Frog toys, but when she was just learning to read we used something similar. Gotta love educational toys.