Hillary Chybinski: Menu Plan Monday and Looking Ahead for Back to School

Monday, August 06, 2012

Menu Plan Monday and Looking Ahead for Back to School

This week's meal planning has me thinking ahead four weeks to when school starts.  I know our schedules will be changing a lot, and I am much more regimented during the school year.  There's after school snacks, homework and an earlier bedtime to contend with.

This year's back to school brings us a Middle Schooler and a Kindergartner, the first time both boys will be in full time school.  It's a new experience for all of us, so I am anticipating some growing pains, and changes to the best-laid plans.

With that in mind, I'm drafting a monthly meal plan for September. . .right now it consists of 2 nights of crockpot chicken, 2 nights of tacos, and pasta once a week.  It's a ROUGH draft. . .but I'm hoping it will come together before September 1st.

For this week, I am freshly back from BlogHer and home with O today, and I'm not planning a grocery trip until tomorrow.  So here's what we are looking at for this week:

Monday - Pasta Carbonara with salad
Tuesday - Easy Nacho Bake
Wednesday - Chicken Bow Tie Pasta Salad (we have a Kindergarten Picnic tonight)
Thursday -Fish I think with Baked Potatoes
Friday - Homemade Stromboli
Saturday & Sunday - TBD

Stay tuned for the School Year Meal Plan in the next few weeks.

For inspiration or to link up your own weekly meal plan, visit I'm an Organizing Junkie.

catch you soon -


  1. I really need to get menu plan.. it would help to save money and make me organized I hope you rub off on me.. The easy Nacho Bake sounds great!

  2. I'm coming over on Thursday. Will be there at six for stromboli.

  3. I'm going to give them a visit now - looks like a great site, thanks for sharing.