Hillary Chybinski: how-to . . .find resources to talk to your children about abuse

Friday, December 16, 2011

how-to . . .find resources to talk to your children about abuse

so in light of the recent activities in the news concerning a major university, i went on a quest to find better ways to talk to my kids about abuse. . .

i reached out to our pre-k director and she shared her resource folder with me.  there was a wealth of information in there.

a few that stuck with me:

this book was printed in 1982 and teaches children how to distinguish between "good" and "bad" touches and how to respond appropriately to unwanted touches.  According to the booklet, it's useful with 3-8 year olds.  You can click to connect with Parenting Press

this booklet is from 2003 and was put together by goodtouchbadtouch.com.  It talks about the curriculum and is geared as informational for parents.  It is full of useful information.

also in the packet was this coloring book. . .the copyright is 1990 and it comes from the Delaware County Women Against Rape.  i really thought some of these messages were spot-on.

my heart breaks for every victim . . .i can't move when I think about my own children becoming victims. . .it scares me nearly to death. . .but if we stop being afraid and embarrassed we stand a chance against these bullies and monsters. . .a chance against the organizations that hide and shelter because they care more about money and power than about people and doing what's right.

I hope I gave you some resources to use in opening the lines of communication with your own kids and the children in your life.  we are their parents - we MUST protect them to the best of our abilities.

catch you soon -

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