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Thursday, December 01, 2011

12 Days of Christmas | New Traditions | Holiday Book Advent Calendar


to mark time before Christmas gets here. . .we have typically tracked the days in 2 ways. . .chocolate advent calendars from Trader Joe's and this cute felt tree my mom had given me when Ryan was born.

this year - thanks to Pinterest and Ali Edwards. . I wanted to count down with 25 Christmas|Holiday|Winter books for the kids to read. . .

Lucky for us there is a wonderful used bookstore in our neighborhood, Harvest Books - and they were my first thought for inexpensive Holiday books. (they also purchase books, so you can earn store credit)

the sweet gentleman working at Harvest was kind enough to finish pulling together the Holiday cart of books, and with some help from my friend, Tecla, I had 25 books ready to go.

i came home, wrapped them up, put them in a basket, tied a green tulle ribbon on the handle and viola! a new family tradition. . .

are you starting any new family traditions this year? To get some ideas, check out A Life in Balance.

catch you soon -


  1. Love, Love, Love the 25 books! I'll see if I can manage it for this year, but if not it is a must for next year.

  2. I saw this idea on Pinterest, too!! Such a fun thing to do! I couldn't get myself together to do it, but I made an Advent box with different pictures from the year in it, and each night, Ayva gets to open an envelope and reflect on the blessings from our year. She really loves it!