Hillary Chybinski: Getting a Little History at Hope Lodge Re-enactment

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Getting a Little History at Hope Lodge Re-enactment

On Sunday, we attended the 1777 Whitemarsh Encampment Re-enactment at Hope Lodge.

this event commemorated the time from November 2 - December 11, 1777 when General George Washington and the Continental Army were encamped in the Whitemarsh Hills.

this was our first re-enactment, although, as the boys pointed out - we have been to Colonial Williamsburg.

it was very interesting - you could visit the American and British camps, and watch their military drills and tactical demonstrations.  The re-enactment was 2 days - with the opportunity to see three skirmishes.  We caught the Sunday afternoon one, and I'm not sure which of us liked it the most.  Although Owen was not too fond of the very LOUD cannon.  What a rare opportunity to see what battle was like during the American Revolution.  It was amazing how close the troops could be to each other, and not hit anyone.  There was a roar from the crowd when the first British soldier fell.

there was a church service on Sunday morning and self-guided tours of the Hope Lodge Mansion.  You could view colonial open-hearth cooking, and various demonstrations such as medical and medicines, silhouettes and blacksmithing.

there was apple cider, hot chocolate, cookies and popcorn available if anyone got fussy or hungry.

it was a beautiful day full of history and the chance to watch the kids learn.  I have a feeling this will not be our last re-enactment.  The 31st Encampment at Hope Lodge is scheduled for November 3 & 4th, 2012.

have you ever been to a re-enactment?

catch you soon -

note - I received no compensation for this post - it was simply a family event that we paid for ourselves.  But as always - all opinions expressed are my very own.


  1. I used to live in Philippi, WV where a huge Civil War reenactment is done every spring at the Blue & Gray Festival. It's been over 13 years since I moved away, but I still try to go back every year for it.

  2. My that is a very familer looking dead redcoat.... XD loyalist by the way, not british.