Hillary Chybinski: Fashion Friday. . .Getting that Pan Am Look

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fashion Friday. . .Getting that Pan Am Look

who is in love with the new hit ABC show Pan-Am?

i'm not sure what beauty item I like the most - the eyeliner, the great hair or that sweet blue Pan-Am bag. . .but I know with some basic make-up techniques and a set of hot rollers. . .you too can be on your way to the Pan-Am Look.

last night while attending the Bloomingdale's Think Pink event hosted by All Things Chic, I talked with Barbara, the lovely make-up Consultant with Chanel.  I asked her about creating a "Pan-Am" Eye.  She said the trick is all in the liner - and that a gel or liquid liner is your best bet.  And don't forget the little "wing" on the outer corner.

here is me before. . .

and here is after. . .

with a close-up of the eye - I love that sparkle liner!

as for hair - kicky bobs were a sign of the times.  if you have medium length hair, stick in some hot rollers for volume.  if you are feeling really adventurous, do a little back-combing around your hairline for that "puffed up" look.  maybe even a vintage 60's hair piece to add to your look.

clothes? you have to go vintage. . .besides the eye-catching blue uniform, embroidered bag and white gloves, you can catch the ladies of Pan-Am in midi-length pencil skirts, fitted short-sleeved cardigans, and nude pumps.  A totally classic early-60's look.  And let's not forget the girdles and nude hose.

and those bags. . .

here's a black one you can get at Amazon:

so what do you think? will the Pan-Am style catch on like the Mad Men style did?

catch you soon -


  1. Your eyes looked GORGEOUS!! Love the Pan Am look on you. ;-)

  2. I haven't caught this show yet, but I love the look!

  3. You eyes look great! Love your PamAn look. Fun Post