Hillary Chybinski: getting organized. . .calendars

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

getting organized. . .calendars

how many calendars do you keep?

i'm sure you know the adage - you should have 1 calendar - and put EVERYTHING on it.  these days with Google Calendar that seems as if it may work. . .but I haven't jumped in that pool yet.

back in the day - i was a complete Franklin Covey devotee - I had my classic sized planner that i carried around everywhere with me.  i filled it with all sorts of extras - expense envelops, menu plans, shopping lists, etc.  I used different colored ink for different segments of my life (work, personal, etc.)

then something happened - my then boyfriend (now husband) introduced me to the Palm Pilot. . .so sleek and small (at the time) . . .but it didn't have different colors. . .until the color one came out. . .and I started to evolve to a more digital format.

against the "rules" I actually keep 3 calendars. . .my iPhone (which I must say I am most unhappy with it's limitations and lack of functions), a kitchen calendar for all to see, and my weekly Go Mom! Calendar where I keep my work and mom stuff that I need to refer to while sitting at my desk everyday.

I know - three is too many. . .but they each serve a different purpose, and I can't find an App or Calendar for my iPhone that gives me great functionality. . .AND I want my iPhone calendar to be my main calendar - and sync to my MacBook and iPad. . .anyone out there want to work on one with me? AboutOne? MomAgenda? GOMom?

how many calendars do you keep? what are your best tips?

catch you soon -


  1. I have one large planner that I write everything in and then update my Google calendar with. I like that with Google calendar I can update on my laptop, phone, or iPad. I always have it with me! I also like that I can send appointments to the hubster so it's on his calendar as well.

  2. Ah yes, the calendar dilemma!

    I use More Time Moms Calendar for my fridge so family can see everything.

    In addition to that I use the Microsoft Outlook Calendar on my laptop, I love that I can have multiple calendars (one for stuff involving ME, one for hubby travel dates & one for online classes) I can put them in an overlap view, separately, or side-by-side. I can color code appointments for each family member.
    I have set my ME outlook calendar to sync to my Google calendar & I use that on my Android phone.

    I don't know if you can get that to work with iphone but this is the best option I have found. The calendar on my phone still doesn't have color coding but it does have my appointments and notifications.

    When I am REALLY crazy busy I print a copy of my outlook calendar & clip it to the calendar on the fridge, then when I have a moment I update the fridge calendar to match. I use hi-lighter pens to make the fridge calendar colors match my outlook calendar.