Hillary Chybinski: fashion friday. . .is it over for white pants?

Friday, September 02, 2011

fashion friday. . .is it over for white pants?

you know the old fashion rule - no white after Labor Day - particularly shoes and pants. . .well according to experts, and my closet - those rules are out. 

summer doesn't officially end until September 22 this year - and I'm sure we will have one more bout of hot weather.  so I say embrace your white.

white jeans or cargo pants? pair them with a great striped top for a nautical look, a chocolate brown top and knee-high boots or a beige slouchy sweater and nude tone shoes or boots for a casual look.  This pair of Michael Kors is from Macy's.

a white t or cami is always the perfect layering piece for denim jackets, cardigans, ponchos, jackets and more.

black and white together? Instant Chic!  Imagine these Ann Taylor shoes with a great pair of white jeans!

so don't put away your favorite whites - think of creative ways to bring them into fall and beyond.

what to steer clear of? Any filmy or gauzy white, white linen, strappy white sandals, bright white pumps.

how about you? do you dare to wear white?

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catch you soon -


  1. I totally agree! You can wear white well into fall and winter, as long as the material isn't too summery. I love pairing white jeans with brown or gray -- boots over white skinny jeans with a chunky sweater! AWESOMESAUCE.

  2. I just bought a sweet white dress for winter partying. I still need to get myself some white jeans though. Sticky fingers are so not my friend when I wear those that I've been reluctant to do it.