Hillary Chybinski: a change in the weather. . .

Thursday, September 08, 2011

a change in the weather. . .

so, i've always loved living in NJ and PA. . .one of the reasons is the lack of "severe" weather. . .in the areas I lived in, there were no "real" tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. . .

not the case any longer. . . in the last month we have had an earthquake, been under a tornado warning, and a hurricane.  not to mention the wettest August EVER in recorded history.  John estimates we pumped about 120 gallons of water from our basement this morning - BEFORE coffee!

i for one - am not a fan.  i know you can't control the weather. . .but i wonder why such a change?  why does it all seem so much more random and extreme lately?  Forest fires, Hurricanes, Earthquakes. . .it terrifies me because there is so little you can do about it - and if you know me - you know I hate to not be in control.

how are you coping with your weather?

catch you soon -

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