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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How-To : Get Organized for Summer Learning

Time for another installment of "my scraps" gets organized.

Let's talk about how-to get organized for summer learning - especially keeping your kids reading during the summer.

In last week's post I talked about our homework cart. When summer rolls around, I purge all the old stuff from the prior school year, so we can use it to get our summer workbooks done.

Here is how i am trying to encourage my kids to keep reading this summer.

My goal is to get Ryan reading - knowing that Owen will want to do what his big brother is doing. (sneaky mom tip)  Ryan is a great reader and really enjoys it - he is supposed to keep a log of books he reads over the summer for his 5th grade teacher next year. . .the log has space for about a book a week.

First of all we signed up for our public library's summer reading program.  Many local libraries have programs for the summer - check yours out or try Barnes and Noble or Scholastic Books for programs too.

Then I came across this fun reading kit from Creativemamma.com and printed it out to use with our books.

summer reading kit printouts

Naturally, the 2 combined cried out for a Summer Reading station/basket. . .

summer reading kit

We are keeping our current books, bookmarks, logs and journals in this basket with some pencils too.

It can be taken outside or in any room in the house to make reading more accessible.

We have also instituted a Quiet Learning Time (thanks Pam!) after dinner - which for us translates to an educational website and/or reading for about 20-30 minutes a night.

How do you keep your kids learning through the summer?

catch you soon -


  1. Elizabeth NortonTuesday, June 28, 2011

    omg so cute-love it!!!

  2. the kids are USING it - which makes it even better! =) Thanks!


  3. Great ideas. I'm going to get my oldest (going into 1st grade) into our library's summer reading program. He's already reading on a 2nd grade level and I don't want him to lose that over the summer. I have the perfect little bins for our summer reading basket. I also LOVE the idea of having special reading time each day. Thanks so much!