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Monday, February 28, 2011

something for nothing. . .

. . .so we were strolling around the mall this weekend - having just bought Ryan a new glove for Baseball season. . .

there are these "modeling agency" kiosks at a few of our local malls, and they ALWAYS ask about the boys - how old they are, how handsome they are, have I ever considered letting them become models. . .I typically smile, say thank you but no thank you and move on.

well this particular Saturday, it wasn't the model agency girl, but the lovely sales associate at The Body Shop that thought Owen was so cute and we stopped to say hello. 

being the savvy sales associate that she was - she gave Owen and I both cards to open to see if we were the winner of the "$100 worth of product for free" campaign - and you know what? WE WERE!

as she was giving me the details (and Owen was losing interest) John walked up and offered to take the boys to get lunch while I collected my winnings.

the sales associate continued to be amazing and helped me pick out a line of skincare for my over-40 skin.  I was in the market for these products anyway, and was considering returning to Estee Lauder to give them a try.  So this was serendipitous.

this is my haul - and I tried it last night.  after one night I am quite pleased with the results - I'll keep you posted. And thank you to The Body Shop!

catch you soon -

note - I was not provided any product nor asked to write this post.  i'm simply a girl who won a contest and chose to write about it.  as always all opinions expressed are my very own.


  1. Sweet! Was it King of Prussia? I have been to that one many times but I never win. :P

  2. oh happy day... doing the snoopy happy dance for you. !