Hillary Chybinski: Fashion Friday: What To Wear to a Wedding

Friday, January 07, 2011

Fashion Friday: What To Wear to a Wedding

Recently, John and I got invited to a friend's wedding and I wasn't too worried about what to wear, because i have this:

Little Black Dress

Standard LBD from Ann Taylor - I've had for years, never goes out of style.

It DOES however, go out of size. . .apparently the last time I wore this was BEFORE my now 4-YO was born. . .so it was a little bit snug.

sSo off I went to my reliable Ann Taylor - and pulled this off the rack - first thing I tried.

LBD gets an Update

It's tough to see the empire waist and pleated neckline in my photo, but it's a 3/4 length sleeve LBD ( I'm not overly fond of my upper arms these days but that's another post )

Now - with sheer black hose and shoes, I may be mistaken for attending a funeral rather than a festive wedding.  So into my accessories drawer I go, and come out with this:

LBD All Dressed Up

The necklace, I did purchase with the dress - it was perfect and I'll wear it over and over.  The bag and wrap I have had for a while - bought to go with these cuties. . .

Funky fun shoes

And that is what I'm planning to wear.

Do you have a "go-to" dressy outfit?

catch you soon -


  1. I think you will look Fabulous!

  2. You have to post a photo of you in this outfit--so gorgeous! I am horrible at accessorizing. Seriously. Horrible. You are so good at it--love it!

  3. That is GORGEOUS! Ann Taylor is my go-to store for the LBD as well. :-)

  4. Thank you ladies! Jen - I'd be happy to help you accessorize anytime =)