Hillary Chybinski: fashion friday. . .circa 1982

Friday, December 31, 2010

fashion friday. . .circa 1982

ok. . .so I was clearing out some clutter and came across a handful of photos i must have grabbed from my parent's house.

among them was this gem from my 8th grade dance. . .yes, 1982 and I was 14.  Look at that great pre-child haircolor would you??!

some things are the same - I still prefer my hair long and curly, I prefer one statement piece or simple jewelry, and while I may be trendy - I don't go over the top.

If memory serves me correctly, I had a clutch bag that matched my gold shoes and I wore one of those awful 80's shawls that looked like your grandmother's tablecloth. . .

How about you - do you ever look at pictures of a younger you and note the similarities in your style from than and now? (both good AND bad)

catch you soon -

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