Hillary Chybinski: december daily | day 11 . . .

Thursday, December 16, 2010

december daily | day 11 . . .

day #11 started out as a little green square of cardstock

 it just so happens we set off on a family adventure to see a house with an extreme light display that day. . .we had driven by in the day time and noticed all the lights - so we figured we'd do a little late-day shopping (to avoid the crowds) and an early dinner (again - to avoid the crowds) and then take a detour past this display on our way home.

we didn't know what to expect - but when we got there, cars were parked all along both sides of the pretty-heavily trafficed road.  We pulled over and realized it was a walk-thru experience.

so we grabbed a bit of cash (thinking there may be a donation opportunity) and strolled through the display - TWICE.

the boys loved it - and truth be told - so did I. . .Santa gave Owen a candy cane too.

kept the page simple with a few poor pictures of the lights and 2 tags just hinting at the magic of the lights.  the "believe" tag on the front is from a swap i did years ago.

catch you soon -

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