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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

mom trick - saving toys. . .

if you have more than one child (or plan to) - do you save toys?

you know - the "really" good ones. . .either that your 1st played with all the time or that cost a lot of money. . .I do.

i have always been a big Fisher Price fan - since I was a toddler and played with my Little People. . .my mother still has them.  It's been my experience that this is a brand you can trust and a quality toy. . .

in the spirit of saving - i have kept many of Ryan's toys - and on days when we need something to do - I trot them out. . .Saturday was one such day with the temps climbing past 100.

Owen has been enjoying the Geo Trax displays at Toys R Us and Target for a while - telling me he "needs" them. . .little did he know that he had a whole bin of them at home.

I wish i had gotten a picture of his face when I pulled them out - it was priceless - and worth all the storage space to hang on to them for the past 7 years.

Since it was the weekend and we live in a small house - I rearranged the dining room and set up the trains for the kids to play with - yes, the 9 YO sat down and played with his brother for most of the afternoon.  (yes - there was some bickering)

what sort of "mom-tricks" do you use to entertain your kids?

catch you soon -

note:  I did not receive any compensation for writing this post - the toys are all my very own, as are the opinions.

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