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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

mama said there'd be days like this. . .

this morning, Owen got up early - I thought I could snooze, but the cable wasn't working so no TV for him.


we woke up to rain. . .not just your garden-variety summer shower. . .a creek-overflowin, road-floodin monsoon.

which is fine. . .until it's time to take the kids to camp - and we have to leave the house to get into the car (no garage access). . .needless to say we were all soaked by the time the three of us and all our bags were in the car ready to go to camp.  Luckily both the kids have indoor facilities and rainy-day curriculums for just such an event.  we drove through moderately flooded roads - a good 6 inches in some spots.  The boys loved how water was splashing over the roof of our SUV. . .me, not so much. . .but we made it.


my iPhone (my most treasured material possession) was giving me wonky messages. . .telling me accessories were not compatible - when there were no accessories plugged in. . .not playing my iPod out loud. . .distressing to say the least.


thanks to the monsoon - there is water in the basement. . .and because today has been so wonderful - there is water in a new spot I discovered.


on my way to the bank I heard a weird noise and discovered a large screw in my tire that I needed to get fixed RIGHT AWAY.  luckily there is the MOST amazing garage at the end of my street - and they hooked me up.

The cable is working, my iPhone is working, my tire is fixed AND I have mopped up the basement.

so now you are officially caught up on the first 6 hours of my day. . .how's yours going??

catch you soon -

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  1. OMGOsh. Even when you could make a day CRAZED you find the best of it! You go Momma! =) I hope the 2nd 6 hours turned out ok for you...