Hillary Chybinski: the BIG one. . .

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the BIG one. . .

a couple of weeks ago, after a morning of family time and an afternoon at the baseball field, i kissed my boys and headed off to my college reunion.

the big one

20 years

this was me then - the world at my feet - 21 years old - 80's music, Jersey hair, idealistic. . .

Cabrini always plans a lovely alumni weekend agenda - with a little something for everyone.  this year, i chose to focus on my class and my reunion.  my girlfriends and i were meeting up and taking advantage of the on-campus over-night accommodations.  we stayed in a newer dorm (that was most definitely NOT there 20 years ago) - a quad with multiple rooms and a common gathering area.  we made good use of the common gathering area and threw a rockin before AND after the official reunion party.

it was fun to see several people I haven't seen in 20 years - to catch up and learn about who they are now.  this is a big time in our lives - lots of people have lots of not-so-great news to share - deaths, divorce, disappointment. . .but hanging out, catching up, and listening to music from 1986-1990 made the years fade away for just a few moments.

I think we look pretty darn good.  Thank you to the wonderful Mike Stevenson (who has yet to develop his own website) for this awesome picture.

and I hear there are plans underway for our 25th already. . .

catch you soon -

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