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Thursday, May 27, 2010

mini books. . .

i was feeling creative. . .but i was quickly running out of time before i had to do kid pick-up. . .so i started looking around my desk and came across an envelope of pictures.  They were pictures from my mom from Ryan's camping trip with my dad last year - his very first camping trip.  My mom printed and cropped them small - like 3x4...perfect for a mini book and i was sure i had some lying around my scrap area.

after a quick search, i was amazed at how many "ready for pictures" mini books i had on hand.  i pulled out a few. . .thinking about the pictures I also had on hand.  i set this one aside - knowing i had several pictures of myself lying around that would "work" - not perfection - but "done".

i knew i had a tag book somewhere. . .lo and behold i found a 4 album kit from when Donna Downey was on QVC several years ago.  as is my nature - the kit was virtually untouched.

perfect little blue tag book - i counted my pictures and the tags - a perfect match - i made a plan.  this little book is done except for some journaling now.  I want to have Ryan write something on one of the tags.

mini books are a great way to get a bunch of photos scrapped rather quickly using products in your stash.

what's your favorite mini book?  will you please share it here?

catch you soon -


  1. Can you please explain this mini book? Sounds like something I might have time to do. Ok, not really, but I want to do it. Did you do a tutorial on this already? I remember something.... You are so cute and creative. I hope your boys treasure these gifts for years and years!

  2. i have a heap of minis just waiting for photos too. lol.

    toilet roll mini scrapbook comp

  3. Love this...and I love, love doing mini-books. Love starting and ending a project, lol!! This is gorgeous.