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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Your Brain and Parenting

What happens to your mind when you become a mom?

Do you suffer from "mommy brain" (or Daddy brain)?

Remember when you were pregnant and you kept forgetting simple little things. . .and everyone reassured you this was "mommy brain" - some slight forgetfulness all thanks to that bundle of joy you were carrying around.

So my bundle is 3. . .and my oldest is 9. . .WHAT GIVES??

Let me recount for you my latest "episode". . .

Last night, we were at Ryan's baseball game. . .we park, unload (2 chairs, tote bag and 3 YO), get Ryan off to the team dugout and Owen and I settle in beyond the outfield fence - away from the road and those dangerous metal bleachers.

True to course - after about 20 minutes, Owen is ready for his ring pop (bless the Gods of healthy ballpark food). . .I forgot to grab money from the car - so we head back to the car.

Problem - my bag - with the money and my LIFE - is not in my car.

I go right into panic mode - omg someone stole it out of the car - I forgot to lock the doors.

I hustle Owen back to our camp site, pick up all our crap and rush back to the car - since we only live 7 minutes away - I can go home just to be sure I didn't leave it there - although I am 80% sure I did not.  I pass Ryan on the way - who totally notices my poker face and begins to worry - I reassure him and take off like a bat out of hell.

During those 7 minutes - my life flashes before my eyes - that's my favorite wallet! My bank card, credit card, library card. . .not much cash though. . .tears well up in my eyes, I feel a tightening in my chest, I almost can't breathe.  Owen, bless his little heart is nearly quiet in the backseat (a first?)

I slide the car into the driveway, slam it into park, and jump out - Owen and I rush into the house. . .and there is my bag. . .chilling out on the back of the chair, right where I left it.

I can breath again. . .

I pick up my bag and we head on back to enjoy the game and buy some snacks.

So please tell me these things happen to you. . .

catch you soon -

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  1. Nope. Never. I am the perfect father. For instance, I have never been unable to find my wallet for days straight, forcing me to empty the coin jar to feed myself at lunch time.

    I have also never thought it was Saturday and luxuriated in the unusual weekend silence at 8 am only to realize that it was actually FRIDAY, both kids were asleep and they needed to be at school in 15 minutes.

    I have also never looks blankly at someone and say "Umm. Name of the kids school. Hmm. Uhh. I should know this..."