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Friday, April 02, 2010

friendship friday. . .

so a couple of weekends ago, I left my boys behind and took off for the Jersey shore with 2 of my college girlfriends.  Not a long trip - just an overnighter.  Just enough time to really re-connect and catch up with each other.  Enough time to remember why, after 24 years. . .we are still friends. 

We met our freshman year in college - at Cabrini College. . . a magical little campus in PA.  A place that was small and at the time seemed so "high schoolish". . .but which ended up teaching us so much of what we really needed for a successful and happy  life.

Then there's the friends.

Last weekend, the college held a Team Trivia Night as a fund raiser for the Alumni Scholarship.  This was the 2nd year the class of 1990 bought a table and participated.  Once again - friends we don't see all the time gathered around the table and shared what precious little they know about the world around them.  I may not know old Russian leaders, but I know the names of the Gosselin kids.

My first college roommate was in town so she came too.  It was fantastic to see her - she's quite a world traveler and leads a life that makes type-A me nervous just thinking about.  But I love her - and I miss her - and we had a GREAT time.  We didn't always get along in college - we were very similar much of the time - but time and distance, and being true to ourselves - has let us remain friends - closer now than ever.

The point of my post? In our hurry up life - be sure to make time for friends.  They complete you  like no spouse, partner or children can.  They help you see who you really are and who you really want to be.

As we get older - it's more difficult to make new friends - but in this world of social media, it's possible to have a "circle" of 100s of friends that you are in contact with everyday.  Take the time to connect - it's well worth it.

catch you soon -

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