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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

other uses for scrapbook supplies. . .

if you scrapbook. . .I'm sure that you know you can also make cards with your supplies.  In fact, there are some wonderful sites and resources for just that purpose.

but. . .you can also use them to make home-decor and alter everyday items.

i was recently inspired by this great project in Scrapbook Trends Magazine. . .I apologize to the crafty person that created it - I did not get your name. . .but your image spoke to me - and I needed to make one.

I grabbed one of my Little Red Scrapbook monthly kits, and a plain white tag.  Then  I went on a house scavenger hunt for a frame. . .I didn't find one I loved that looked like the one in the original project (usually a stumbling block for me) - so I went with something I had that I thought would be "good enough".

I changed up the dimensions of my "picture" to better fit into my frame, cleaned it up, and removed the glass.

I traced the glass onto a piece of cardstock - then cut up some pattern paper to fit my house image.  I trimmed a bit off the white tag to make it the right size.  That tree paper in the background with the quote about home was just too darn cute not to use - so I did.

(again - this would have been completely OUT of my comfort zone normally. . .but I am trying to just branch out and create)

I inked it all up so it didn't look so "new", added some embellishments that came with the kit - and here's what I ended up with.

This is a new piece of home decor that I absolutely LOVE.  I put in on my dining room table where I can see it everyday - and it makes me smile.

how else do you use your scrapbook supplies?

catch you soon -

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