Hillary Chybinski: How-To: Alter a Clipboard

Friday, March 19, 2010

How-To: Alter a Clipboard

Here is a quick and easy altered clipboard project for you. These make a GREAT Teacher or Hostess gift with a pretty notepad attached.

My Scraps | Altered Clipboard

I picked up a couple small clipboards at the Dollar Store the other day – you can use any size.

My Scraps | Clipboard

 I grabbed one of my kits and my new fancy Target tray (Thanks to GluestickGirl)

My Scraps | Craft Supplies

 I measured my clipboard, and using a craft knife, I cut 2 pieces of pattern paper to fit (one for the front and one for the back).

For the front part, I slid it onto the front of the clipboard, and using my craft knife, I made small slits in the top to guide where I needed to leave space for the clip.  I kept sliding my paper up and cutting the sides, until the edges were flush with the edges of the clipboard.  Then I put a crease in the paper and cut on the crease to make that little rectangle where the clip goes. (you may need to adjust this step depending on the type of clip on your board)

If you want – you can paint the clipboard before starting with acrylic paint.

I used Mod Podge to glue down both pieces of my pattern paper to my clipboard.

Once it dried, I used sandpaper (Or an emery board) to file any uneven parts of the paper.

After that, I put a Rub-On that said “noteworthy” – it was already in my kit and worked perfectly.

I didn’t want to add anything else – but you are free to adorn however you’d like.  One all your flat pieces are adhered – use a gloss Mod Podge to “seal” the clipboard and protect it during use.

After it dried, I tied on a few ribbons to glam it up – and that’s it.

And when I was done - I had plenty of leftovers in my kit - so I made 2 quick cards to add to my stash of cards.

My Scras | Handmade Cards

catch you soon - 


  1. You are so creative!! I love this. Maybe you should look into starting up an Esty shop? Or, then maybe it would cease to be fun. Just a thought!