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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

fashion for boys. . .

as most of you know - i'm a momma to 2 boys.

i've always been a bit of a fashionista myself - so some days i long for a little girl to dress up. . .but i have 2 great boys that so far (God bless me) don't have any issues with clothes

john and i try to let them pick out their own clothes - as long as they are clean and weather-appropriate. . .we have also been lucky that wearing a superman costume for weeks on end has never been an issue.

our biggest obstacle is fit. . .mostly getting the length we need to match the waist we need.  thank heaven some genius invented adjustable waist pants right around the time ryan was born. 

and yet - we have a problem with that right now - the bulky-ness of the gathered extra material for ryan - he is quickly approaching the need for the length of size 12 jeans. . .but he's the waist of a 6 or 7. . .i tend to stick to slim fit at both the Gap and Lands End - and recently saw a pair of skinny Levis (although they did not have an adjustable waist)

are any of you mommas of boys having that issue?  what do you do?  what are your go-to brands?

catch you soon -

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  1. adjustable waist pants are so necessary in our house too - I have found adjustable Levi's (even in slims!) - I've gone to many used clothing stores as the boys are growing pretty fast, but also because the prices are right ;-)